About Me

About Me:

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website! And I’m delighted you took the time to look at my About tab.

I’m Jui Patil, a young digital marketer and third-year computer engineering student from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

With terms of my work, I’m currently exploring and trying new things in the hopes of one day combining the numerous skill sets I’ve gathered into something amazing.

A few facts about me –

My understanding of spirituality and personal development is the one thing about which I am proud of. I have a natural gift to advice others and myself.

I’m set on breaking people’s current restrictive mental programming and introducing them to a new positive thinking process that will set them free from the inside out.

I make every effort to collaborate with people I meet and learn something new from them. I want to focus on providing a public forum for counselling. However, I want to read more about it first so that I have a good understanding about it before trying it as a profession.

I have some ideas that I’d like to share with the world, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to do so someday. I currently write blogs to express my thoughts.

I’m also very musically inclined; I enjoy singing and playing guitar, which I occasionally record and share on social media. I’ve even participated in a number of events. In addition, I enjoy dancing, but my ability to do so remains a mystery haha. I occasionally draw as well.

Well, there will be a lot more information added to the About Me section in the near future. There are infinite many things yet for me to experience and I look forward to my future.

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