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Beacon of Light

In a bad day, we sometimes say to ourselves, “Damn, this day can’t get any worse,” and then it does. Why does that happen? Let’s look at this uncharted territory that no one seems to mention…

In a bad mood, you’re more likely to have pessimistic feelings, nothing seems to go as planned, and even the basic activities seem to go wrong, as if you’re cursed or something. However, are you aware that the only one who has the most power to curse you is You?

Curses are directed at oneself through negative self-talk such as “I’m unattractive,” “I’m not good enough,” and similar phrases that will only damage you in the long run. This will trigger an energetic response in your body, bringing situations closer to you based on your thoughts.

 To put it another way, if you think badly, you will experience negative outcomes. As though it were a reflection in a mirror. And, let’s be honest, you know this deep down in your heart, but you prefer to remain in the dark.

What’s the deal here?

Because the world is dark and harsh, you opted to do the same? Is there anything you owe to the rest of the world?

You’ve landed on your own two feet and must find your own way out of the darkness. It doesn’t matter how you do it. You can cry, encourage, or seek deep inside yourself for solutions, but make sure you get to the light in your own style.

That’s when you’ll shine, and everyone else will realize. This world needs someone to teach them the path, to shine a light in the midst of darkness.

So why not be a beacon of light? Why not be the one to take a stance and become a candle?

You don’t have to be a huge influencer or a genius to get started.

You may just try to become your own support. Try to shift your viewpoint to something that actually makes you happy, and after you’ve mastered loving yourself, you can go on to inspiring others.

You are unique, and you can build your own path to success. Don’t be frightened of anyone and anything since they don’t owe you anything to begin with. Become the master of your own life, follow your passion with a crown on your head. Don’t blame the world or yourself; blaming is a meaningless feeling that will only serve to separate you from your true reality. Understand that these feelings are beneath you, and that you are the emperor. That is the true reality, and deep down you know it; choose to use your power and shine like the brightest star you were born to be.

-Jui Patil

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