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How To Win The Self-Confidence Contest..!

Have you ever wondered why 90% of today’s teenagers lack self-confidence?

Self-confidence And Why People Struggle With It. – YouTube

First, let me ask you a question, Have you ever seen an infant who lacks self confidence? Don’t they all cry and laugh and speak gibberish very confidently before hundreds of people no matter what place or time they are in. Then wonder why they grow up to be so miserable and closed off.

This pattern can be found in every country. Children all over the world are unhappy and shy these days, so something may be causing this dilemma, right? We can’t blame them for being that way; instead, we need to understand and address the source of the problem.

1) Childhood programming –

“Continue to sow seeds of confidence and faith, and they will bear a beautiful garden.”

The conditioning begins with the family into which you are born. Our parents have had their own programming that they carry forward with their children. Parents, grandparents, friends, as well as other relatives have all all have their own life experiences. The majority of them seem to be unimpressed.

If your parents, for example, were unable to secure a decent job due to a lack of preparation, they would certainly see this as a negative experience and encourage their children to avoid making the same mistakes. When encouragement becomes a source of stress, a problem arises. The energy of “Study or you will fail in life” is passed to the kid, which is why so many people today are afraid of failure.

“Failure is a Blessing.”
Instead, tell your child and yourself, “Failure is a necessary part of the path to true Success.” Trial and error is a fact of life. When we fail, we try again and again before we find the true road to success. Life isn’t meant to be perfect, so embrace your imperfections.

Have a good time with your mistakes because when one door closes, another one opens, and this one is much better than the previous one.

Note to parents: Encourage your children to find their interests and passions at a young age and allow them to play and have fun. Children who have a happy childhood are more likely to be successful in life. Your children are affected by your energy. Please give optimistic and healing thoughts to the child so they stay peaceful and happy throughout their lifetime. Avoid projecting your own traumas onto your children.

2) Rising competition:-

When children grow up, they will be programmed to pursue things which are expected to give them reputation instead of happiness.  Since their mind is wired in such a way that “We only get what we want after a lot of hardship and pain”. Instead, if they relax, things would go a lot more smoothly. We don’t have to PUSH through life because it should FLOW.

Moreover, people expect kids to be doctor, engineer etc. Now there is saturation in such typical fields and rivalry increases. Hence more stress and more struggle. And if the kid is not interested in any of these typical fields, then they will fail even more, leading to feelings of inadequacy and depression. This vicious cycle continues, and more lack programming is created. 

Rather, build a programming of EASE and FLOW and pursue your passions rather than what others expect of you. OWN YOUR LIFE and attract the things you want.

3) The type of content we consume:

There are millions of memes and jokes about being ugly, lazy, sad, and stupid that are worse than this. This is intended to make you laugh, but it instead develops a programming of insecurity. And therefore don’t share these memes.

People are influenced by television shows, movies, and web series that portray negative themes like suffering and despair without any moral. Watching the news also has negative impact on the mind.


We’ve all been exposed to some form of negative programming. But now is the time to be mindful of it and try to change your lifestyle in a way that strengthens  your subconscious. Try to take in constructive information and make positive changes. We all are powerful beings with the power to transform the world for the better. So tap into your strength and live like a savage.

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