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Let Me Re_Educate You On Relationships

Why Do Most Relationships Fail?

Let’s start with the basics…

In this vast universe, there are people/aliens of all sorts. Some have their lives in order, while others are still chasing their dreams. Some people are mentally stable, and others are on the verge of going insane. Hence some people prefer long-term, trustworthy relationships, while others prefer short-term ones. I am well aware that some people enjoy unbalanced dramatic relationships because “Chaos is Fun” and gain more inspiration from dramas and daily soaps.

BUT this is a blog dedicated to those who seek peace of mind and are mature enough to create a socially balanced life. Let me give a few pointers to help you better understand healthy relationships.

*This may apply to both family and friendships.

Lets take a look at the following points:-

1) Two Individuals:

People are often so deeply involved in their relationships that they forget that they are two different people with different thought process. If you ignore this basic understanding and believe that you are both half who got together to complete themselves and to be happy, then you are already on the wrong path.

We are not half; we are an entire human being with a unique sense of the world and we meet with another whole human being with their own unique perception. We‘re already happy as a whole, but we choose to be in a relationship with someone who would catch us when we fall, because we can’t do it all by ourselves, sometimes we need someone to lead us and show us a different perspective on life.

This isn’t meant to make us dependent on them; rather, it’s meant to show a new side of ourselves that we weren’t aware of before. As a result, we grow culturally, emotionally, and spiritually.

It’s important to be content with yourself before entering into a relationship. When we try to find happiness in someone we lose because we don’t have power over them, it’s unhealthy and abnormal. You are the only one you have power over, so be happy being yourself so that other people’s issues don’t bring you down because you still have your own back. Often, be in a relationship with someone who is content and powerful in their own skin.

2) Connection vs Attachment:

Connection empowers you but attachment takes your power away from you.

True love should encourage you to be free from the inside out. It should make you want to fly because you know it will always carry you, even if you crash. It should provide you with peace and a stable atmosphere in which you can love them as well as give priority to your own dreams and goals.

If you feel restricted, helpless, or addicted, it’s not love; it’s attachment, and you should try to break free until it fully destroys you. To be honest, it’ll just get worse; don’t expect anything to improve, so get out as soon as possible.

Things will always show themselves on there own. If you feel at ease getting out of a relationship, then stay alone until you feel at ease being in one. Act quickly to avoid wasting time in unhealthy environments. You have the freedom to live your life on your own terms.

3) Balanced Give and Take:

“We can only Give if we first Receive.”

Do you know why people promote “Self-Love”?

Since most people have a tendency to give everything to their partners in the mistaken belief that by doing so, they are accomplishing something greater. But no, this will leave you depleted and exhausted in the long run because you have already shifted all of your resources to them before you hit a point where you simply lose yourself in this process.

Relationships should be an equal exchange of love, energy and support. To keep a relationship going, you don’t have to go out of your way. A true partnership simply requires presence, which allows you to be content even when there is silence. Words and energy will simply flow to each other, and there will be no need to go above and beyond to make them happy.

Of course, everybody needs a little extra help when times are tough, but if this trend of over-giving has been repeated for a long time, it’s time to change your ways. Take care of yourself first, and make sure you’re filled with loving energy before you give to others. This is a critical aspect of any friendship or family relationship.

4) Empathy vs Compassion:

It makes a big difference if you truly understand the difference. If your partner or friend is upset, empathy is when you enter their world or “When you put yourself in their shoes,” the issue is that you lower your vibration in an attempt to match their level of emotion, which can instead make you sad, which is not helpful in this case.

Instead of doing all of that, you should show compassion and get them up to your level. Compassion does not suggest that you must pretend to be happy or tell them to relax. Compassion is when you listen and consider them, and you allow them time to recover while maintaining a high level of energy so that they can gradually return to a high level of energy as well. This will help you and your partner see the situation in a more optimistic light. As a result, there will be some aspects you understand as well, as they address this situation positively. And now you can both step forward; this is known as high-vibrational true emotional support.

5) Problems are necessary for growth:

Problems are helpful because they teach us all about ourselves and what we should work on to improve. Obstacles are important for unlocking certain parts of ourselves that have been locked, so they should be viewed positively. It is important to maintain patience when faced with a challenge, and to make an effort to learn the lesson taught by those difficulties. It turns out be a blessing in disguise.

When we see two children fighting, we try to calm them down so they can chat and be friends again, right? Why not use it in your own relationships? We are all children at heart. Problems are just a stepping stone to the next level. It’s easy to face a dilemma together rather than causing needless drama.  We sit down and speak openly about what we want and where we can agree. The secret to any good relationship is good communication.

6) Boosts Confidence:

And easy way to determine if your relationships are healthy or toxic is to examine your confidence level around them. If your relationships make you feel secure and supported, then they are balanced; however, if they make you feel inferior, then cut them off immediately. In such relationships, you would literally waste your life. Relationships should provide you with a sense of security and balance. So, the next time you’re in a relationship, check your confidence levels and see if it’s good for you or not. Your energy will always point you in the right direction.


There are several different forms of relationships, each with its own set of conditions, but every relationship can be balanced to make for an amazing journey. Little things can make a huge difference. If your current relationships/friendships or family makes you feel like you’re walking down a dark, deserted road, tell yourself, “I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyy” and fly away from such people. Don’t be afraid to do the right thing. You make the call, and life will bend to your wishes.

Cheers !

Jui Patil.

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