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What are Leads?

As digital marketers, we hear the word a lot. Obtain New Leads! Find Leads! Make Leads! ….. Marketers are obsessed with it.

 What, though, is a “lead” in the true sense?

That is what we will understand today.

Someone who is interested in your product or service is referred to as a business lead (or sales lead). There are many individuals who are willing to purchase your goods and services. What marketing strategy will you employ in order to reach out to the right people?

A lead is a link between you (your company) and your potential customer who is out in the real world.

A lead is called a lead because it leads to a sale.

A lead mainly consists of three elements:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email ID


The email address or phone number allows you to connect a potential customer and initiate a conversation in order to tell them about your products and services.

  • You’ll need leads in order to make a sales call.
  • You’ll need leads if you want to send out invitations to a webinar.
  • You will need leads in order to invite people to an event.

Not every lead is a suitable fit for what you have to offer. Before you pass over leads to your sales staff, make sure they’re ready to purchase. Trying to sell to a lead who isn’t ready to buy might be a huge waste of time for the salesman.

Moreover, I’ll clear out a common misconception.

What are not leads?

Many people put a lot of effort into growing their social media following. They aren’t, however, your leads.

All these are not leads:

Facebook Fans
Instagram Followers
Twitter Followers
YouTube Subscribers

Social Medias are all platforms owned by popular companies, but this isn’t your platform !

You’re connected to someone else’s platform, that’s not going to help you sell stuff to them. Many times, you won’t be able to reach 100% (or even 30%) of your target audience since they are social media users, not yours. As a result, you won’t be able to reach them on demand, and your audience will constantly be under the control of someone else, which is really not convenient.

Create your very own platforms… Like this website and use social media only to promote or advertise your platform.

For example, some people have thousands of Instagram followers but just a few hundred likes on their posts.

So now you know how limited the reach is. I use social media sites to promote my brand. I’m not interested in continuing to use social media as my primary platform.

Instead, consider using Email Marketing, which will be discussed in more detail in future posts.

That concludes today ‘s discussion on what qualifies as a lead and what does not.

Of course, we’ll talk about how to create leads and other topics in future blogs.
I hope to see you on more such blogs in the future.

Jui Patil

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